Fun Facts

You may have seen John on stage depicting a military person such as Posa in Don Carlo or Don Pizzaro in Fidelio. Did you think that this looked extraordinarily realistic? No wonder, because John is a real captain in the Swedish Army‘s Artillery.

On top of his military career, John has a bachelor’s degree from 1992 in social science and he even worked as a ‘social worker’ for 5 years before starting his singing career! Why would a baritone study social science? John explains, “Actually, I think it makes totally sense! When I started studying social science I hadn’t imagined that singing would be part of my life… what fascinated me about social science, however, is the possibility of putting yourself in someone else’s situation and see the world from their perspective. This is mandatory if you want t help or guide people who live under difficult circumstances. And this ability of putting yourself in other people’s situation is core of what I do as a singer when portraying an operatic character. In that sense.”